The Future of Materials

July 22, 2015

One of our show goals is that everyone who attends IBEX leaves having experienced multiple WOW moments.

Wow. We could use that.

Wow. That is amazing.

Wow. Why didn't I think of that?

Wow. That gives me an idea.

This year we are partnering with several outside groups to offer dynamic new exhibits to showcase a variety of innovations across the manufacturing spectrum that might impact boats of the future, and to help everyone reach their share of WOW moments.

One new display that is sure to WOW is the Future Materials display. This is a new hands-on exhibit located at the center of the Composites Pavilion and curated by editors from Professional BoatBuilder magazine and CompositesWorld magazine.  Expect to see a collection of new materials, processes, and technologies gathered from a wide variety of sources including marine, aerospace, and automotive industries, plus some applied academic research and development.

The Future Materials Display will offer exciting new developments including quasi-isotropic laminates via one reinforcement layer, epoxies which can transition to recyclable thermoplastics and thermoplastic resins which offer the processing and properties of epoxies, Nano Materials for improved performance, biomaterials offering greener composite options, rapid molding and other processing innovations, and new materials offering high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity and even self-healing capabilities. Ginger Gardiner, Senior Editor, CompositesWorld magazine describes this new display as " An imagination zone where people in boatbuilding can envision what might be possible 10-20 years from now as well as learn about what is available today. Be sure to add seeing the Future Materials display to your Expo Plan, and be prepared to be WOWED.

Anne Dunbar

IBEX Show Director

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