From the Horse's Mouth: ABYC Seminars at IBEX

August 18, 2016

IBEX 2016 logoIBEX brings together some of the greatest minds in the marine industry. In order to do this, we work very closely with our education partners, such as the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), the American Boat Builders & Repairers Association (ABBRA), the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA), and IBEX show partners Professional BoatBuilder magazine and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

ABYCHere, I'd like to talk about ABYC's seminars. Of the eight seminars ABYC is developing for IBEX 2016 in October in Tampa, four are on the docks. This means, anyone registered for these seminars will be shown the ins and outs of Grounding and Galvanic Corrosion or can join a discussion about Electrical Troubleshooting in real time, outside, on a docked vessel. Due to the nature of these special seminars, we must limit enrollment. As of writing this blog post, one of the dockside seminars has sold out, but the other three still have space available.

Grounding and Galvanic Corrosion
Wednesday, October 5 @ 8:30am (Sold Out)
Thursday, October 6 @ 8:30am

Electrical Troubleshooting
Wednesday, October 5 @ 12:30pm (Only Two Spots Available, as of Thursday, 8/18)
Thursday, October 6 @ 12:30pm

ABYC is bringing in their experts to discuss topics within IBEX's more traditional classroom setting as well. You'll have an opportunity to hear from ABYC's Master Technician and Electrical Certification Instructor Charlie Johnson as well as James Cote, also an ABYC Master Technician and an investigator with the International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) if you register for Lithium Batteries: Standards, Products, and Applications.

Craig Scholten, as the new Technical VP of ABYC, is bringing a wealth of expertise to IBEX when he speaks about Compliance and Liability Testing on New Builds and Major Refits. He works closely with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and understands the mechanics of international standards. He is hands-on when it comes to standards development and certification and will be co-presenting with Dan Crete (Saltworks Marine), a Certified Marina Manager who repairs boats and yachts day in and day out.

ABYC also offers up some of their technical training, of course, with Ed Sherman, VP and Education Director for the association. He'll be walking us through all the features of Electrical Diagnostic Tools and Techniques. He knows which tools work best for which jobs, and he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He's also a compelling veteran speaker with a rich history in boating, diagnostics, repair, and fly fishing for stripers.

I left the best for last, mostly because this could get messy. Brian Goodwin and David Broadbent, the two standards guys from ABYC, are going to show you what happens when you don't follow standards with Standards Gone Wild. There's a reason these requirements are in place and these fellas are planning to show us what can happen when we aren't careful. Frankly, I'm a little frightened.

Lithium Batteries: Standards, Products, and Applications
Tuesday, October 4 @ 12:30pm

Electric Diagnostic Tools and Techniques
Tuesday, October 4 @ 3:30pm

Compliance and Liability Testing on New Builds and Major Refits
Wednesday, October 5 @ 8:30am

Standards Gone Wild
Thursday, October 6 @8:30am

Right now we're offering our early bird pricing until September 9, so it is in your best interest to register for IBEX now.

Sarah Devlin
IBEX Education Director

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