Guest Blog Post: A Technology Panel Session You Won’t Want to Miss!

August 08, 2018

by Lou Sandoval, NAUTIC-ON

We rely on technology every day to make our lives easier and tasks more efficient, such as calculating the tip on your dinner bill or finding the quickest route home. As the marine industry looks to the next big technology trend, we see marine companies developing technology that is relevant to both marine professionals and consumers.

The IBEX Panel titled Leveraging Technology to Enhance the Consumer Boating Experience  dives deep into how new connected technology is changing the boating industry. Attendees will hear from panelists who are leading their respective areas in innovation and technology implementation about the latest connected solutions impacting the boating experience and get a behind the scenes look at the future advancements in the industry, including:

  • What connected on-boat and off-boat technology is on the horizon and how it can impact your bottom line
  • What marine businesses that adopt a consumer-focused technology approach will gain
  • What the most critical changes that marine professionals/businesses must make to meet boater’s expectations of a connected boating experience
  • What helps companies integrate connected technology and advice they would give to professionals that want to use this technology to grow their engagement and customer experience with boaters

This seminar features panelists from several marine industry companies and will offer a well-rounded perspective on the direction of connected boat technology. This IBEX seminar, moderated by Lou Sandoval, will be held Thursday, October 4,  11:15 AM – 12:15 AM. We look forward to seeing you there for this engaging discussion about the future of the marine technology.

ED Note: The National Marine Electronics Association is offering a technical discussion that dovetails nicely with this panel: Onboard Connectivity and Networking Options. We recommend you attend both these seminars to get the full scope of this topic.

For more information about IBEX seminars, please visit the IBEX Seminar Page, and don't forget to register!


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